The Not as Rosy Real Estate Picture

Published: March 14, 2019

The picture isn’t as rosy as the way as readers interpret it. One report stated that condo pre-sales in the Metro reached a record high in 2018. While true, the year-on-year increase was minimal. In 2018, sales take up was reported to be 54,000 units–a mere 1.89% increase vs. the previous years 24% increase.

Another report claimed that the Philippines had the best performing luxury real estate market in the world, beating Boston, Tokyo, and Paris. The report clearly states “luxury”. So let’s not extend the view to other segments in the market. Choose where you put your money, it doesn’t apply to all segments.

Back in the day, you can wear a blindfold, choose a property to buy, and make money–regardless. Those days are gone. The time deposit today is now at 5%. The SMC Global Power perpetual note yields 6.75%. These are the returns your real estate investment has to beat.

The properties that can beat these returns aren’t offered everywhere. Send me an email, I’ll show you some.

Juan Alfredo S. Patag
REB Lic.# 0023114; ID# 18-1612675 until 10/20/2022; PTR#7335646 until 12/31/2019
T: 505.3584 / M: +63 917 520.5826
7th Floor, 8 Rockwell, Hidalgo Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati City

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